GLANCE before you Dash Out the Door! Tips for Looking Your Best Before You Leave the House

Have you ever left the house only to find that the two shoes you thought you had on weren’t matching. Or maybe you were wearing a distracting outfit that drove you nuts all throughout the day and you had to pull down, tuck, and fix.  Most of us just want to dash out the door and try to look dynamic on a dime. That’s a great goal, but can be a little challenging. I have some knockout tips that can serve as a checklikst as you GLANCE at your overall head-to-toe knockout style ONE LAST TIME before you leave the house.

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Back to School Shopping Tips: For a More FAB Experience than a Frustrating One

Back to School Shopping Tips

For a more FAB experience than a Frustrating one

Ahh, the smell of a new box of crayons. With the start of many schools just around the corner, the dreaded back to school shopping trips are looming over most moms’ heads. Is there hope to have a fabulous experience shopping with your children? Beauty expert, Wendy Lyn Phillips believes there is. Read more »

Over the Top Image Starts With What You’re Wearing Underneath it All

Do you have your Spanx on? Have you tried wearing those corset type of suck-it-in undies that leave you breathless…and we wear them, Why? I admit, everyone I have seen wearing some type of undergarment looks better than those just letting it all hang out. While it seems incredibly personal to talk about, I’m not sure why – we now have the Victoria Secret Angels exposing themselves on national tv on a daily basis. There’s a time for the thong and a time for the thong inside of  support hose! Read more »

Red, White and Blue…A Look that’s all YOU!

Red, White and Blue…A Look that’s all YOU!

Celebrating freedom in this country came at a price – I like to remember and appreciate…as I know you probably do as well. Knowing that all worthy causes and achievements come at a price, it inspires me to press on ~ to a high calling – to live out my passion, to go for dreams that I don’t see the probability of coming true, to swim againgst the currents, and to stretch to become better, bolder, and braver. I rest more on faith and possibilities than calculations. I guess it’s because of that, that I feel comfortable making a statement as opposed to blending in. Some people are more comfortable being neutral and yet some have colorful styles waiting to be exposed, they simply don’t know how to pull it all together for knockout class. Here’s a secret: You don’t always have to be classy to look like a class act! There’s help…that’s why there’s coaches of all sorts today – even the professional athletes hire a speciality coach to help them perfect their skills. How about you? Do you think a “tweak to get you more chic” would benefit? If so, fill out the form HERE and get more information about my summer/fall classes and image coaching services.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA – thanks for those that served…including my father in the army for 20 years! God bless our freedom to use our time, talents, resources and speech to honor Him!

ps ~ I love the blue polka dot shoes below – how about you?








Summer Weddings! What to Wear….What to Wear!

What To Wear To A Wedding

Weddings can be both exciting and stressful events. When planning what to wear to a wedding, keep in mind the time of day, location and formality of the event (informal, semi-formal, formal, or white tie). It’s the brides special day and the attendees are present to honor the new couple; you clearly don’t want to up-dress the Mother-of-the-bride. That doesn’t mean you can’t look classy and stunning too, however.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you make the right decision:

  • Do wear floral prints, pastels, or festive colors. Read more »

Man, You’re the Best!

Are you a businessman that networks with others? A speaker, whose success depends on making a fast and fabulous connection with your audience? A 40 to 50-ish year old entrepreneur looking to re-brand, reposition and re-launch yourself into a new career but find competing with the twenty year olds is frustrating in terms of making powerful first impressions?  Fresh out of school and looking to land the perfect job? When it comes to style, most men dress for failure without even knowing it. And honestly, there’s so little to handle compared with the options and competition women face. Looking your best with either add credibility or cause others to dismiss you almost instantly. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s a great time for me to share some comments about men’s style, appearance, and offer some tips. Read more »

5 Things to Wear if you Want to Look Less Than fabUlous this Summer!

When you think of casual summer days and lazy crazy evenings with delicious salads for dinner, dont get caught up with a frumpy, dumpy attitude that says, “You CAN leave the house looking like THAT!” Oh my ~ Tee’s with cut off shorts, flip flops everywhere, no bras, no makeup and your hair in a perpetual pony. Come on ladies, YOU’RE WORTH more than minimum…replace “no” effort with at least just “a little” effort. Be careful in falling victim to these sloppy summer fashion faux paus. Read more »

A Mother’s Reflection… in my own words

Happy Mother’s Day…Happy Valentine’s Day…Happy Father’s Day…Happy? Really? NOT if you aren’t married, in a loving relationship, or a parent!

Oh how I remember so well all those Mother’s Days I dreaded. Flashback: twelve years ago. I downright despised all the jovial moms having cause for celebration and showing off their pictures with cute babies. Every little handmade trinket I saw hanging on a refrigerator door only served to remind me of my lack.

My First Mother's Day ~ Welcome to the world: Mackenzie Campbell

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Accessorize to Maximize–Try Costume Jewelry!

Accessories have indeed been THE item that can take your look from good to great in a moment and can have you strutting lke a peacock on your way out the door!
The ability to accessorize can also separate us from the pack so that our message gets through all the noise: why settle for a meek “meow” when your image could “roar” before you even say a word? To do that, most of us can benefit from a few tips about how to use accessories to complete our head-to-toe look. Read more »

Bon Voyage! Going on a Cruise? Smart Packing Tips You Can Use Now


Bon Voyage!

Is it almost time for you to set sail on the high seas? Can you smell the ocean air? Have you watched what you’re eating so that you will feel no guilt over three full course meals a day? Have you begun to think about what you might need and will wear? I know…. some of you are already packed…while others will be considering this very issue on the night prior to departure. Read more »